1. What is Quizine?

    It's a way to get deals at food establishments for your feedback.
  2. Do I have to be in the restaurant to do a Quiz?

    Yes. Quizine is mutually beneficial for businesses and you. You get a deal, and the business gets some business! Your feedback should be completed in real-time, and based on your current experience, not an experience you had in the past.
  3. Can I do a Quiz more than one time?

    In most cases, yes. Although, sometimes multiple Quiz completions for the same business will not be allowed.
  4. How do I get my favorite restaurant in on this?

    Tell them about it!
  5. I have some questions I think the restaurant should ask. How can I submit them?

    If you're in the restaurant, you could mention it in your comments, or you could post it to Quizine's Facebook wall.
  6. Why do I have to leave a comment?

    You don't, actually. But, since it's usually the only chance you'll get to say something in your own words, we hope that you do.
  7. Is there an iPhone or Android app?

    We're working on it. Currently, only the web app is available for use.
  8. When should I start the Quiz?

    It varies. For any deal, select 'View Questions.' The first question will dictate where to begin. If the question asks about the parking lot, start in the parking lot.